Welcome to Implant Tracking Systems, LLC. Our software is utilized by many of the top clinicians and some of the finest universities and research centers worldwide. Browse our web site to find out why and to discover how The Implant Tracker can take your practice to the next level.  Version 5.0 is the latest version of our critically acclaimed software! This version features support for all of the new protocols currently in use, including Teeth In An Hour™, Teeth in a Day, Immediate Load, One Stage Surgery, etc., with reports and outcome analysis specific to these protocols.

Comprehensive Implant software designed to manage, optimize, and grow your implant practice.

From the first time that a patient visits your office, The Implant Tracker will become an invaluable tool, prompting you to file the patient’s treatment needs and alerting you and your staff of their appointment status.

As treatment progresses, The Implant Tracker further prompts you to record vital treatment information specific to each and every patient and implant. Additionally, The Implant Tracker ages each implant, appropriately alerting you and your staff of the need to place implants in a healing sinus elevation, uncover an implant, remove a membrane, place an abutment, complete a prosthesis, recall a patient, etc. In this way, implant treatment needs are completed most expeditiously for each and every patient, with little possibility of failing to most appropriately appoint your patients.

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For the first time, you will have a practice database that will easily provide you with vital information on patient treatment outcomes under various clinical conditions.

You will be able to use built-in queries and filtering mechanisms to delve into your data and, with a single click of a button, get detailed reports, as well as the ability to ask very specific questions that up to now would have taken inordinate effort to answer — For example, what has been my experience with all implants placed in the lower left molar site which are immediate implants? Those requiring a bone graft but no membrane, and were restored as single teeth, with 5mm implants? This type of information will empower you with a strong clinical understanding of implant outcome under the varied clinical conditions that your practice has sustained and can be shared with your treating dentists, new patients, or as a basis for individual growth.

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